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cherriebomber's Journal
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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
10:40 pm
A lil Poem..
This piece is entitled..*Hand Gessture*

Bumble, bumble. Mumble, mumble..scream screech, bite, beat. Flinching, itching, twitching, bitching..Schemeing, dreaming, dying, fighting. Sniffing, skipping, breathing, breaking..all along, crudely mistaking. Thinking, waking, walking, riding..hateing, haunting, faking and frauding.

*Crunch*, bunch, spit, punch..*Smack*, pinch, *Scrach*, wince. Crack, bat, spring, swing. Glide, ride, split, stick. Bundle, grumble, glitch, glitch..Blink, wink, stitch..stitch. Zooming, booming, faster, faster..leaping, weaping..timed disaster.

Working, lurking, coming, going..swimming, sweating, loving, learning..*cough* Leave with me and you will see, the relived past that went too fast..Journey on into the world: Live it, Love it, until it’s old. Rock it, sock it, smack it, pack it. THEN find the place without a face and leave it there without a trace..Go far beyond the shadows fall..and be the last to miss it all. Flow deep inside your reckless mind, to find the answer..to find the crime. Once you’ve solved it then you will see..the secret’s truth was here with me….

And after all this ranting clash, all you feel is the sudden whiplash..You wonder how this came to be, but then you discover..none of this would of happened if you’d have listened to me..So farewell to you, your end has come, good luck and adeau..They won’t believe you..


Love Eva

O a few new ones..


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Frank and I.. oLO

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Taryn and I + Coda (The Ferret)

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Current Mood: Bloated
Monday, September 12th, 2005
2:30 pm
Bunch of entries in one.. >.
Aug. 30

  Hmm...I feel bad; Jen’s upset sitting next to me…it makes me sad.. *sigh* I feel fat. I’ve gained around 15-ish pounds since 2 weeks ago..Wow I sound shallow.  I’m just a little obsessive/compulsive. I don’t drink alcohol/soda, I don’t chew gum, and I don’t wear nail polish on my fingers, just white tips on my toes. I only wear certain things like: I won’t wear earrings (to me their pointless), I only wear 2 bracelets (one a little silver ‘link’ bracelet and the other a breast cancer pink band) and the other an occasional necklace.  Either my heavy metal punk pearls or this little fancy dragonfly necklace I got for prom last year.. I only wear certain makeup..eyeliner, mascara, and every once in awhile some black eye shadow w/ a bit of white shadow on my upper lid.. (Aug. 31, 10:25 am) I’m a freak about my teeth..I floss, brush, then use 2 different types of mouth wash everyday + I scrub my face every night & morning w/ a skin sensitive soap & a triple clean facial scrub for fighting pimples/black heads. I’m very tired right now. =( School was long yesterday & so was work >.<  This week has been so horriable..1st it was this terrible hurricane, and then a couple of my friends broke up..then another one of my friends got dumped, and then a couple friends of mine’s Dad passed away.. On top of that, I actually know a few people from the area where the hurricane struck, so I’m worried to death that they might be in any danger..also many of the cities along the gulf are being destroyed..Damn Global warming!! >.< I also can’t believe some are bitching saying that everyone needs to ‘shut up’ about the hurricane and that it doesn’t matter and everyone’s making a big deal out of nothing! I thing I cannot stand is stupid self-centered brats! They need to be bitch slapped!! People are being killed and property is getting destroyed by the day! People are so ignorant & childish some times! I also used to be pretty grossly anorexia/bulimic so I’m glad that I’ve actually gained weight lately. My brain still functions on that level though, so I’m still fighting it..Hmm..I’ve gotta go now, bell just rang, so I’ll write later..

Sept. 2

Hmm..I’m a little depressed at the moment..I guess it’s just one of those days. Yesterday was pretty cool, it was meetings day..I’m involved in more clubs this year. I’m in Spanish, S.A.D.D. and plus I’m now my classes Vice-president. I was pretty excited most of the day. I was in good mood too! ^.^ I also auditioned for the Music Man, a play my school is doing for the upcoming session. I’m also attempting to start up a debate team. Our school has never had one before, so I thought it’d be pretty cool, considering I love Debate + my school could certainly use one. ;)
Hmm..Since about last week, hours have began to get cut at my job.. >.< This week I only work 4 days and next week I only work 3..*sigh* It was something about our corporate heads deciding that we, as a store, should only have the need to require a certain amount of set hours to get every task done for that week..causing HUGE hour cuts.. >.< I’m actually really worried about getting fired..I’m a pretty decent worker, but I’m kind of slow and sort of weak..so I’m not too good with lifting or with any other strenuous form of labor >.< + I’ve been sick pretty much since the day before I started working..I’ve been getting better slowly, but now my glands are swollen once again..so back to the doctor once again for some more meds..*sigh* It’s terrible though..my next paycheck is gonna be like $150 and I only get half of it..so I’m actually only making precisely $2.875 an hour. >.< $5.75 is still only barely decent. My last paycheck was only $266.84 after my first 2 weeks. I am trying very hard though..I still really wanna go see Green Day and Jimmy Eat World, but I’m not sure if there’s and tickets left..one site I was at said they couldn’t guarantee tickets for General Admission and another site had General Admission tickets for sale, 2 for $105 and some odd cents..eh that still isn’t too bad..well for Green Day. My concentration is pretty much gone, again. I can’t pay attention for the life of me..

Sep. 3

Hmm..I really miss a bunch of people..the good ol’ times..the laughs the cries..I miss the old me..Happy for the first time in years, Cheering, and in the arms of my beloved Mr. Collins..*sighs* I miss him..I miss talking to the people I used to..typing to my friends from who live far away..I miss the feeling of a good nights rest..I miss what it feels like to have the warmth of the sun on my back, I miss what it’s like not to feel stupid when I’m trying to prove a point, I miss what it feels like when someone holds you close and lets you cry in their arms..I miss what it’s like to be almost normal..
I miss noticing all the little things..a new hair style, dramatic weigh loss or gain, someone waving while passing by me walking..I’m actually quiet oblivious to most things normally, well recently in the past year or so..I miss not having to pretend. To pretend everyday that nothings wrong or bothering me..just not alert/upset the others, causing panic over something they wouldn’t even care about 5 minuets later.*sigh* It’s an unnecessary factor really..Hmm..I miss taking my frustrations out in various ways..I actually think that’s why I’ve been so compulsive about eating lately..I can barely control it..I just mainly miss being happy..I miss smiling every chance I could, never being alone..I try not to do this intentionally, but I find myself always hiding from it all..the strange looks, the aggression, the just overall fakness of people..it wasn’t until last year that for the first time in my life I have my own room..It’s actually the biggest in the house and it kinda really nice. *smiles warmly* For almost 9 years I shared a tiny living room with my sister and my Dad from time to time..It was pretty bad ‘cause we all, including my mom, would fight and argue constantly.. >.< I hated it. I think it was mainly because we all had to be crammed in a tiny little area ALL the time and non of us ever got our own space to just relax and breathe..Anyway..I would just seclude myself to my room and pass the time alone and miserable, twiddling my thumbs, or finding ways to harm myself mentally or physically.. >.< But that’s a whole different story on it’s own..Hmm..I still really miss a shit load of more people, places, or other various things, but I’ll write about it later..

Love Eva

Current Mood: Fat
Monday, August 29th, 2005
5:27 pm
Uhh..Life n shit..
August 29, ‘05

Hmm..I’m Tired. I kinda got screwed on my hrs. this week at work, so I have today off, then I work Tuesday, then I’ve got Wednesday and Thursday off, then I work Friday through Sunday. >.< That’s horrible..I really need hrs. =( I’m poor damn it..
Hmm..Well we started back to school Thursday the 25th, so that’s something a lil different besides work.. My sceduel this yr. is pretty cool. I've got Business Law 1st hr. Then Chem. I 2nd. Then L.A. III 3rd. 2-D/3-D comes next..(art) Then I eat 5A so that's pretty cool. It's my first year eating A, I've always eaten C...C fuckin’ sux you get all the left over, bottom of the barrell food, but eh this year's pretty cool though. Then 5B-5C I have Sociology, which isn't too bad, except the teacher Mr. Dean is pretty much a douche most of the time. Then I have World History 6th, then Study Hall 7th, Then Espanol III It's the only class I get to have w/ Missy, my sister, so that's pretty cool ^.^ I don't have PE this year cuz I told my councilor that I despise it so I'm exempt ;p + I hate our Math teacher w/ a passion so I'm not taking Math again until my senior yr. ^.^ You only need 2 yrs. To graduate anyway so that’s cool. Missy just got back last night, so that’s awesome! ^.^ Uhh..I just had a mood swing about 2 mins. ago..(5:45pm) I’m a lil sad/depressed again..(surprising huh?) Hmm..I dunno I’ve got homework tonight, sort of.. Just Sociology, Business Law, L.A. III, which is just me writing in this journal, and that’s pretty much it..I actually feel like crying right now..Hmm..I might later. >.<
I like my classes this year for the most part..My Business class has now 7 people in it, my Chem class has 7, and my Art class had 6 so that’s nice. Me and Missy are sharing her locker again this year, so that’s always fun ^.^ God..I love my sister. It’s kinda crazy. She’s like my best friend. I missed her so much, but now that she’s back, I’m happy! ^.^ She’s sapose to eat C, but she has study hall so she just left it and came and ate with me, so that made me happy. World History is pretty cool so far, uhh Spanish is Spanish what can I say? I will always suck at it >.< I like our new English teacher so far. He seems really nice + this relaxed atmosphere is a nice break from my other classes so it’s nice. All I have every day so far is just write in my journal..that’s kinda cool. I just hope he doesn’t get all pissed off at me for the way I speak.. >.< I can’t really change the way I am ya know..*sigh* I hope this works..I love Mrs. Latten though, she rocks. I just wasn’t too happy about the passage she read today..many of the immature students of my won’t probably ever understand such a situation as being a very poor young African-American and having to deal w/ discrimination and being ridiculed for being different >.< *shakes head* I know they mean well, but many just don’t understand. Wow I’ve been through a lot, thinking about it makes me sort of wanna cry >.< *sigh* I think that’s it + I’m kinda hungry so I’ll update again later.


Current Mood: Sorrowful
Saturday, August 27th, 2005
11:47 am
Aug. 17

O...Wow everyone!! XD Haha last night was the shit!!! I went and saw Chevelle finally!! With my bud Andrew! ;p Taproot was also sopose to play but there was some 'scheduling conflict' so It was just 35 Mudder and Index Box (local-ish bands) + Chevelle! ^.^ One fuckin' sic ass show!!!! XD XD XD I moshed and moshed then I moshed some more!^.^ Almost 4 hrs. straight of moshing ;D
Unfortunatly..I lost my shoe some how about half way into the show and ran around in a sock, which is now like black x,p getting stomped on, for an hr. in a 1/2 lookin for my shoe >.< Some guy eventually found it! ^.^ I was soo happy I about hugged him..but then I rememberd I was only wearing White booty shorts and a bra soo..that might not be the best idea for lil ol' me..It was too fuckin' hot!! 'O.O' How else was I sopose to cool off other then strippin' down? ;p I was real upset for awhile though, cuz I just got these bithes a week before the concert + they are my 1st actual pair of Skating shoes XD I soo happy!! ^.^ Yikes it was soo fun!!!
Hmm..It was an awesome fuckin' experience though..I crowd surfed 6 fuckin times!! Insane!! I'd never done it before so I was totally stoaked ;p It was well worth gettin the shit kicked outta me ;p It was weird..I'd surf then get back in the pit, then guys wanted to throw me up again XD Ha ha I loved every min. of it!! ^.^
I'm still pretty excited from it, if ya can't tell? ;p I love Rock Shows!! Hmm..I have brusies head to toe now so that sucks a lil.. =( I was drented in sweat...it felt like I had just takin a shower..in sweat! XD It was fuckin' sweet though ;p It was straight moshing from like 10 mins after the show started to around 15 after it ended!! xp I had a fuckin' Blast!!! Oww I swear, I was either in the middle of the fuckin' pit the ENTIRE night or I was right against the barracade(almost) gettin' the shit beaten out of me!!! XD I love gettin smashed in a pit..What's more fun than that? Seriously.. ;)
I don't have my photos back yet from last night, but I should get 'em before the weekednd So I'll post 'em when I get 'em ;) Fuckin' Aweosme!! God I love bein a fuckin' Rocker!!! Hmm..Well I've rambled enough, so have an awesome day!! ..I know I will ;p


XoXo Eva

To anyone who ever said Chevelle was weak..You can suck my left fuckin' nut..Cuz you are so Lost!! XD They rocked so hard I'm still feelin' it!! So did their warm up bands!! ^.^

All the Fuckin' Way!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Aug. 18

Hmm..I just started a new job at 9 this morning! XD Finally I'm employeed!! After like 4 yrs. of searching!! ^.^ Work is very scarce in Iowa btw..No jobs what-so-ever >.< Hmm..I'm gettin $5.75 an hr. though so that awsome!! Hmm..Shit I've gotta go back in 25 mins...ma Lunch break ^.^ My throat is very sore from screaming at the concert.. >.< + I was soaked in sweat then ran around outside for like an hour..so it probably doesn't help any..

Aug. 19

Yea!! My bitch January graduates from basic training today!! ^.^ She'll finally be home this weekend!! Why did they have to take her all the way to South Carolina? >.< Uhh..I'm still sick as shit and I'm lifting alot today at work so I'm miserable.. =( Umm..I hope you all are doin' better :)

Aug. 22

Umm..I'm sick still, I think it's the flu..Work sucks, but I'm gonna get payed pretty soon, so that's pretty cool..Yesterday I got off at 2pm so I could go take my friends January and Britt up to Des Moines to get their nipples done ;p Jan's b/f Jesse tagged along. It was awesome!! I'm gonna wait to get mine for awhile yet >.< I just got my lip about 3-ish 4 weeks ago so I'm gonna wait about 6 months to any new ones..you should only take Zinc twice a year to help heal a piercing..so that's also why I wanted to wait..
It was bad though.. I finally persuaded my Dad into letting me borrow his Sports Neon, and we wounded up leaving to Des Moines at like 5 so most stores were already closed.. =( I gave Britt and Jan some pain killers so they wouldn't feak out right before they got periced so that made them feel pretty good ;p Damn I'm really Jonesen to get mine done >.<
January just finally got back from Basic training in SC so this is the first time I've seen her all summer =( + I haven't seen Brittany since June >.< ...I love ma bitches soo much ;) I got us lost like 3 times while getting there and back home..I ran a stop light, swerved a corner, and back ended a car in a parking lot.. >.< I know this makes it sound like I'm a terrible driver, but I'm really not..I've been really sick and tired lately + I was on Flu tablets and they made me drowsy and a little light headed >.< I wound up driving a 1/2 hr out of the way and we got home around 2.. o.O Me and Britt had to get up this morning at 7 soo we weren't too happy.
Jan and Jesse weren't getting along well all day.. :( It made me sad..They love each other. But she's just freaked out cuz proposed..so yea it's understandable..Britt threw up 2 on the way home, I warned her if she took 3 pain pills it'd make her sick..but she just would listen..
Today sucked pretty bad.. I was sick all morning so my superisors were at pissed at me for going sdo slow..one in paticular..this one tight ass who expected perfection in 5 mins >.< He was even a dick to my 5 month pregnant co-worker/friend..and I was almost hit by the metal rod and he just glanced at even though he caused it fall and just kept walking. >.< My manager Amy was pissed, but my co-workers told me it'd be alright and not to worry, they'd understand.. I started feeling better after lunch..I got to get some freash air and some more flu tablets ;p It took me like 4 hrs to do this stupid disply that normally would have taken me 15 mins >x< But it looks really pretty ^.^ That supervisor is an ass =( Hmm..I hope tomarrows better >.< I think I've gained 10 lbs over this past weekend..werid. Eh oh well. Oww I'm gonnna try and get Green Day tickets for September so me and Jan can go rock out!! ^.^


Me And Sarah Critz Lookin like shit.. >.<

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Current Mood: sick
Monday, August 15th, 2005
6:40 pm
Aug. 13th + Aug. 15th
Aug. 13th + Aug. 15th

Umm I haven't slept barely..Last night me n ma mum were out all night, not at her school, but at Graceland University >.< We didn't have the gas to go all the way to Des Moines, so since AIB is a branch of Graceland, we decided just to go there so she could edit a reserch report and turn it in before midnight, last night in order to pass her course. She finished it a lil late, round 2, but her teacher understands becuase we don't have net access from our home any more so we have to travel to use a computer... >.< Anyway..it was stormin pretty bad last night and caused the University's system to fuck up..so at about 2:30 we were about to leave, then the server crashed, so we were there til 7:30 this morning trying to figure out a way to save her document on to a disk..we had no luck =( The only way that I know of to save/transfer info off/on to a disk is through a burner and because the server was down..we weren't able to access it >.< I eventually figured something out..I signed into my Yahoo and sent the document through messenger to my mom so she would have when she signed in and it would pop up as an 'offline message' I hopeing it works..*bites lip* So now I'm exhausted =( I finally fell asleep at 9 am n got up at 11 >.< Fuck it. Sleeps for posers any way..I do think I'm fallin in love w/ a couple people though, so that's pretty cool. ^.^ This one Porn Star in Chicago wants me to move in w/ him, but I was like 'ahh i dunno oLO' Were still discussing about me goin up for the weekend ;p Plus A Mr. Spies..this gorgeus boi from Jackson, Mo. I'm not in love, cuz I don't wanna scare him, but I like a hole ton ^.^ Also I wanna go to East coast sometime to see my family..I have to stop in at Mass. though to see my good ol' friend Death ;) You rock Damon!! Hmm..wow I sound like a slut ;o But believe me I'm not >.< Hmm..I'm gonna go see Chevelle and Taproot play up in Des Moines this upcoming Tuesday, w/ my friend Andrew!! ^.^
Quick-I'm still gonna work on that pic today..

Hey I just got my baby!! ^.^ You think he's cute?

my pet!

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
5:12 pm
A lil updating for ya boi ^L^ (Another Random Blog)
Uhh..hey everyone. Thanx to those who took the time of day to even read through my last pathetic blog and the comment. It means a lot. ^.^
Umm...Life still isn't the greatest, but I try to hang in there day to day. I'm happy that the temp. has dropped a shit load since the first week of being powerless..that's kinda cool. My birthday wasn't the greatest..I sat around and read most of the day, then drove my mom to see one of her friends..that was pretty much it o.o
+ most of the day I cried, but I got to see my friend Heather's baby. ^.^ Last time I saw him was May..Lil Evehn. The cutest baby boy ever!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Heather and Nate are to the right..Evehn's parent's ^.^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also got to see a couple other people I hadn't seen in quite a while, my friends Candice Slinker, Jimmy Hobbs, Casey Spencer, and Niki Warner. ^.^ Umm..I got home around 11 and cried myself to sleep, ending another 'glorious' birthday. *sigh*
O the Thursday before my birthday I went and got my lip pierced. (View below) It's healing nicely now so that's pretty cool. ^.^ It was done w/ a 16 gauge needle so earlier this week I shoved my 14 gauge ring through it..didn't hurt surprizingly ;)
Hmm..Lately I've mainly been reading, sleeping, and playin my guitar..pretty lame, huh? I've learned like 5 songs since mid-July though, but I don't remember names..Oww one was this Green Day song, Longview, ahh that was cool. And I'm still learning this song really sweet song by Metallica. O I just cut my nails completely off last week btw. I broke like 1/2 of 'em + it was really hard to play w/ long nails oLO
You wanna know something I realized again the yesterday day? Cold Showers Suck Ass!! I fucking hate cold showers! ''>.<'' No electric, no gas. That blows..My hair is really soft though..so that's nice. O I re-dyed my hair awhile ago, as you can tell..(view below)
Yikes I miss A ton of people =( Angie, Robbie, January, Mike, Lori, Darby, Cheerleaders.. :( The good ol' times..
O I should be getting a job(finally)up at Breadeaux as a waitress making $4 an hr. + tips ^.^ Fuck Yea Baby!! I know to many that ain't shit, but to me it's soo much more! I'm finally gonna be employeed, that's all that matters to me ^.^ + I can go to work in a mini skirt n make 40 bucks in tips from 50 yr. old drunkards ;) Gross, but worth it. Lol Aww..I can't wait to make more holes in my body..Hmm..I've bitched enough for one night So until next time:

<3 PeAcE XoXo


Some New Pics -

That's what my new hole looks like - the septum. I haven't poked a hole through that yet, but damn it..I will ^.^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just plain ol' me..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me on my Guitter..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Umm..My Tosies.. ^.^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

No make-up, but straight/redyed hair..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me, Eva Baldwin, and Jessica Walling ;p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My belly:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me n Sarah eating Salsa!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

O shit I'm trashed again >.<
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yesh! I luv this one!! ^.^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: Clean
Friday, July 29th, 2005
7:47 am
My Wonderful life..
Well my life's been shit for most of July. I went to Tenn. for a week, but it sucked for the most part..I jumped off this one 10 ft. mini-waterfall thing and caught a low-grade hyperthermia and this one really creepy guy was hitting on me the entire week >.< U'd think he'd get a clue? I drove the worst hrs. there n back, mid-night to mid-morning. :( After me n ma mom finally returned, I pretty much just sat around twiddling my thumbs until I finally went 4-wheeling and saw some old friends. That was pretty much the highlight of my month, shit started happening after that..
Everything always goes terriably wrong around my Birthday..It's Sunday. Last yr. I got completely shit faced, cryed all night, and wound up making out w/ an ex-friend now, the yr. before that I was humiliated and dumped, the yr. before that we ran out of food 2 weeks before my b-day, so I was starving. And the yr. before that I think I slept through it or cryed I don't really remember..Last was the first yr. I had a cake, well actually 2, since I was 11 so that was the only +. So this yr. I think I'm gonna most likely be sitting alone in my house sweating. Our Electric got cut off, cuz my family is one of the millions of familys below the poverty level unable to pay bills. Well that's off on top of all our other utilities except water >.< It's hot as Hell. It's been in the 100's since the day it got cut off.
..I'm pretty much alone, my sis n her b/f are still in Tenn., my mum is in Davenport, and all that's left is my Dad, who annoys the shit out of me 24-7. So I'm now stuck in this lil bum-fuck town unable to leave cuz my Dad's bein stingy about his car. I'm very much not an out-door person so this shit's insane.. O + Like the weekend before it was cut-off we went food shopping, so all the wonderful food is now going bad, so I'm gonna give away most of it. I get to sleep round 2-3ish 4 every morning and I'm up by 6-7ish 8 from heat or buzzing of Flys >.< I'm actually kinda scared this time..our house will be condemned if our shit's not back on soon, so I don't know what's gonna happen..
I guess I've wasted enough of everyones time Bitching soo..Enjoy your utilites Bitches! ;p

Me n my pussy Hazel ;p

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Current Mood: cranky
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
3:16 pm
So this is what's been happening in ma life lately: I met this really great guy, well a couple great guys, Mike
and Jon total sweethearts. I went to Slipknot w/ Damion, Totally sexy skater, and we had sex last night..it suxed though...U'd think someone so sexy would be great in bed? O I went to prom w/ Jimmy also + Me n Robbie got thngs worked out so that's pretty cool. ^0^ I real tired though :( I dunno I update again soon.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
1:29 pm
Hmm... I still really miss Robbie and will always love him, but lately things are kinda lookin' up. I'm goin' to prom w/ Mr. Hobbs on the 30th + I'm takin' Damion (The extremely hot skater) to Slipknot. I met this really hot guy w/ an incrediably beautiful personality on Sunday and he thinks I'm hot! :P I just got ma dress, shoes, earings, necklace, and bowa for prom yesterday. I look fuckin' hot ;). All I need now is ma rubber tits from walmart...Hmm.. I've gotta go get those. The concert's a week from today and prom's 2. EEeee I can't wait. I've gotta tan all this week to be nice and golden. Jimmy's the shit I totally love him :P

There's Angie----|

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Current Mood: good
Monday, April 11th, 2005
11:01 pm
Yesterday blew. I went up ta Osceola to c ma baby, but I couldn't find 'em right away so we were driving 'round for a bit, then finally saw 'em behind Darby's apartment, well I saw Steve, n he was talkin' to some tall chic, so after a while he came over n was talkin' to me 'bout some hot goth chic he just met, so I was like cool, hell I was happy for the guy ya know.Then he was like he'll be right back, so I was like k.

When he returned, he was tellin me how was in jail, n how Rob's grandparents had to bail 'em out, so I was like o how's his grandpa doin'? He was like he passed away, nonetheless the day I came home from his house..he also told me how Rob's car is under restricted use, then he was like ya Rob's over there talkin' to his new girl..I was like wut!? He was like ya. N I just handed Steve, Robbie's movies n said I guess I'll c ya, n he said ya, we'll be in leon sometime ta drop off Fear and Lothing, ma DVD they borrowed, just 3weeks to a month ago..

WTF! Did I mean nothing? What was doing for 6 months? How can he do this to me? I tried so hard..It was all just a waste. God I know 5 1/2 yrs. is a lot, but shit, How? Why would he do this to me!? I missed 'em so much..

...I've been bawling my eyes out since Friday.

I hate this pic.. -.-

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Current Mood: devastated
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
9:56 pm
Hey this is Eva. I'm new here, so I'm still checkin' some shit out. I'm a leo with brownish red and black hair and green eyes. Ummm..today was a real shitty day. I was harassed by a big, fat retard and was almost beatin' up. :( I'm only 5'3 n 15, he guy was like 5'11 n 18. Is this right?

Me(Happier) with Darrell one of the sweetest guys I've ever met.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: depressed
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